Wild & Woolly Seaford Beach

Wild & Woolly Seaford Beach


  • Images come as rolled prints and wrapped canvases & are also in high resolution for printing to wallpaper.
  • Custom-sized rolled prints & canvases can be arranged on request.
  • Framing is available for all rolled prints.
  • Digital download available
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The image captures Seaford Pier on a tempestuous day. The sky, a tumultuous canvas of grey, mirrors the wild sea below. The wind, fierce and relentless, whips the ocean into a frenzy, pushing the tide up the shoreline. Waves, frothy and white-capped, crash into the pier pylons with a force that sends salty spray high into the air. The pier, usually a serene spot, stands defiant against the storm, its pylons weathering the onslaught. The shoreline, normally a gentle gradient of sand, is now a battleground where the sea and land meet. The scene is one of raw, untamed nature, a testament to the power of the elements.


Mike Launder is a celebrated Australian landscape photographer who has been painting the world through his lens since 2018. A self-taught artist, Mike’s journey began during a trip to New York, where he acquired his first camera. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this would mark the genesis of a fulfilling career in photography, a field where he has combined his passion for natural beauty and his creative flair to phenomenal effect. More about Mike