Under Point Lonsdale Pier – Victoria

Under Point Lonsdale Pier – Victoria


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Under the expansive blue sky, Point Lonsdale pier stretches out, seemingly endless, over the calm waters. At low tide, the weathered pylons of the pier are exposed, revealing their rich history. Each pylon, a testament to time, is etched with the marks of countless tides. The rocks around, usually hidden, now lay bare, adorned with a vibrant green moss that adds a touch of life to the scene. The sunlight dances on the water, casting long shadows and highlighting the textures of the scene. The pier, the rocks, the moss – all stand still in a moment of serene beauty


Mike Launder is a celebrated Australian landscape photographer who has been painting the world through his lens since 2018. A self-taught artist, Mike’s journey began during a trip to New York, where he acquired his first camera. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this would mark the genesis of a fulfilling career in photography, a field where he has combined his passion for natural beauty and his creative flair to phenomenal effect. More about Mike