Sunset at Montforts Beach, Sorrento – Victoria

Sunset at Montforts Beach, Sorrento – Victoria


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The long exposure image captures the serene beauty of Montforts Beach, nestled in the heart of Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula. The photograph showcases three imposing rocks, standing side by side like ancient sentinels on the sandy shore. The long exposure technique used in the image renders the surrounding water as a smooth, flat surface, creating a mirror-like reflection that adds a surreal quality to the scene. The sand, dampened by the water, further enhances this reflective effect, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

The sky, clear of any obstructions, serves as a canvas for the setting sun. The sunset paints a breathtaking palette of colors across the sky, with hues of yellow, purple, and red blending seamlessly into each other. The yellow is reminiscent of the first light of dawn, bright and full of promise. The purple adds a touch of mystery and depth, while the red brings warmth and passion to the scene. The colors reflect subtly on the flat water and wet sand, further enriching the image’s color scheme.

The long exposure technique used in the image not only captures the physical elements of the scene but also evokes a sense of timelessness and tranquility. The smooth water, the steadfast rocks, and the vibrant sunset all combine to create an image that is not just a photograph, but a visual symphony of nature’s beauty. The image encapsulates the ethereal beauty of Montforts Beach, making it a testament to the timeless allure of Sorrento’s back beaches.


Mike Launder is a celebrated Australian landscape photographer who has been painting the world through his lens since 2018. A self-taught artist, Mike’s journey began during a trip to New York, where he acquired his first camera. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this would mark the genesis of a fulfilling career in photography, a field where he has combined his passion for natural beauty and his creative flair to phenomenal effect. More about Mike