Fishing Shed Sunrise Hastings Foreshore

Fishing Shed Sunrise Hastings Foreshore


The clouds stretch across the horizon, forming a majestic canopy that blends seamlessly with the softening darkness of night. Wisps of mist hover over the bay, adding an enchanting mystique to the atmosphere. The transitioning colors in the sky create a stunning contrast—a harmonious fusion of deep blues merging into the delicate pastel tones of dawn.

The sun, still below the horizon, sends forth its tentative rays, casting a warm, golden glow upon the cloudscape. The blend of colors creates a breathtaking panorama—a serene dance of light and shadow that paints the heavens with a sense of serene anticipation.

The shoreline comes alive in this surreal ambiance. Silhouettes of trees and distant structures stand against the gradually illuminating sky, creating captivating contrasts between darkness and the burgeoning daylight. Birds take flight, their wings cutting through the stillness as they welcome the new day.

In this tranquil and picturesque setting, Hastings Foreshore exudes an aura of serene beauty, inviting one to immerse themselves in the breathtaking spectacle of nature’s morning symphony. It’s a moment frozen in time, an exquisite blend of colors and tranquility that awakens the soul and lingers in memory long after the sunrise fades into the day.

Images come as rolled prints and wrapped canvases.

Custom sized rolled prints & canvases can be arranged on request.

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  • Images come as rolled prints and wrapped canvases.
  • Custom-sized rolled prints & canvases can be arranged on request.
  • Framing is available for all rolled prints. Please contact me for prices.
  • Digital download available


Mike Launder is a celebrated Australian landscape photographer who has been painting the world through his lens since 2018. A self-taught artist, Mike’s journey began during a trip to New York, where he acquired his first camera. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this would mark the genesis of a fulfilling career in photography, a field where he has combined his passion for natural beauty and his creative flair to phenomenal effect. More about Mike